Sustainable Diva Printed Book

Sustainable Diva

Sustainable Diva showcases vegan food recipes and thrifted fashion.

This book was created to prove that living a life that has a relatively small resource demand on the earth does not mean you have to sacrifice or compromise the quality of your life.

You can find joy in the low price of food and clothes, joy in not becoming a slave to the huge corporations that produce animal products and throw-away material goods, joy in putting your money in support of your values, in support of the planet you live on.

In adopting this lifestyle you are creating a better quality of life for yourself, for other and for the earth.

The Beginning


In September 2016 I transitioned to eating completely plant based. Social media accounts, including youtube and instagram were a huge reason I was able to make this life-style change. I initially created my own instagram account to answer the question I was constantly asked  "So what do you even eat?" It has served as a great space for my non-vegan friends to see how easy and delicious (looking) eating vegan can be, as well as a place of recipe inspiration. @veganyaya

Creating this account furthered my interest in food photography and food styling. Eating plant-based has strengthened my belief of thoughtful consumption. Connecting artistry behind the meals that I eat has not only been artistically enjoyable but has strengthened my own values that I hold in my eating habits.

The Process

In creating Sustainable Diva I collected my creative process in a blog. Through self reflection and photo-experimentation I realized connecting vegan food with thrifted clothes - while connecting both aesthetically with colors was my project idea. 

I wanted sustainability to be funky, colorful and doable. My initial goal was to prove that "Living a life that has a relatively small resource demand on the earth does not mean you have to sacrifice or compromise the quality of your life, in fact I am going to make the case that you can live a fuller life (and a cute-er and tasier life as well.)"

Who is Sustainable Diva?


My name is Ayanah Proulx and I am a Graphic Designer and Photographer currently based in Portland, ME.

This book focuses on two of my greatest loves; vegan food and thrifted fashion.

Until I moved to Boston for college I lived in North Yarmouth, Maine. I lived minutes away from the ocean and was always surrounded by vast natural landscapes.

When I was young I remember waking up before the sun to sneak out on dew soaked grass to collect beetles found drawing on our fence laces with morning glories. As I aged I still needed this connection to the earth and would try to capture and share the overwhelming feelings it provided me through my painting, photography and video work. When I make it home during the summer I still find myself waking up early to watch the sun rise over the ocean.

My entire existence I have craved something that only the natural world can give me. Because of my intense love for our planet I have felt compelled to protect it.

Years ago I decided to alter my lifestyle to reflect the care and compassion I hold for our earth and the living beings on it.

Sustainable Diva was created to emphasize that adopting these simple life style changes will not interfere with fun fashion or delicious food; adopting these changed will create a richer and more fulfilled life.


Ayanah Proulx