A bit about Sugar Pill

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Birth Control a quick bit of history

In the 1950s it was a felony to "exhibit, sell, prescribe, provide, or give out information" on birth control.

The first large-scale human trial of the birth control pill was carried out in Puerto Rico in the 1950s - a study that involved 3 deaths and a range of severe side effects only more severe; these included nausea, bloating, weight gain, depression, loss of libido, severe mood changes, etc. 

From its initial trials to it’s wide-scale use today it feels as if woman have been given less info and control over their bodies.

Stats that scare me: but who actually knows (scaring how little this is tested!)

“A 2013 meta-analysis of 26 studies indicated that the use of oral contraceptives containing both progesterone and estrogen increased people's risk of developing a blood clot.”

“According to the National Cancer Institute, there is mixed evidence that hormonal contraceptives may increase the risk of breast and cervical cancer

What I’m upset about:

•How male birth control is underdeveloped

•How woamn’s birth control side effects are often not talked about

When I was 15 I went on hormonal birth control.

2 years ago I decided to go off - the new birth control I went on from a switch in my medical was causing some side-effects I was not loving.

The year follow was pretty shit. Spikes in my emotions, flare in acne which I had never dealt with, hot flashes and an entire 12 months of amenorrhea (no period.)

I would talk to friends, family and doctors who all made me feel like my symptoms were completely Not until 5 years of taking a pill I assumed would