Working with artists I truly admire. Capturing their connection & soft power before their EP release.

Detached & disrupted - who am I when I’m all alone? What stays with me in the presence of silence?

How do assigned roles of masculinity and felinity play in moments of affection?

Play with color, couple portraiture and fruit (3 of my favorites!!)

What does money mean to a family? How can the appearance of wealth intersect with the value of being “cheap"? What changes when you grow up in one class and move to another?

Getting ready in the mornings sometimes feels like a perfect in-between of every day monotony and the softness and comfort of rest. Tried to capture this combined space of melancholy the cold and the sweet warm space that ends when the alarm clock sounds.

Movement, mirrors and lack of color.

Mirrors, emphasis of color and a little photo manipulation.

The epitome of royalty - refined confidence through color & fabric.

I had dreamed of using syrup in a portrait series - capturing it in motion yet appearing as rigid plastic.

2017 felt like self discovery - A time of being okay with my body and face and deeply every part of me. Creating a self portraits series allowed me to fall in love with my self and portraiture - mainly being able to capture emotion through photo.